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More photographs from the IHR move

As promised some more pictures from the recent IHR move.  Does anyone have any requests for photographs from elsewhere in the old or the new IHR?


The Low Countries Room


The staircase


Looking into the Germany Room


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A few photographs of the IHR taken during the move

The Wolfson Room

The Germany Room

The England Room

Library corridor (heading towards Wolfson)

Empty shelving in the library

Benefactors and Donors sign


 More photographs to follow soon…

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IHR relocation update

Goodbye ‘old’ IHR

The IHR is now relocated into its temporary space on 2nd and 3rd floors of the South Block of Senate House.  The library can be found on floor 3 sharing a site with the Institute of Classical Studies Library.  The Director, development office  and administrative staff can also be found here.  The Publications, IHR Digital and two research centres CMH and VCH are located across the upper and lower mezzanine areas which are accessible from the 3rd floor of Senate House.

We are currently setting up a new postgraduate area in the mezzanine.

The 'new' IHR library

IHR library

 For members with lockers these can be found in the basement of Senate House.  Take the stairs or elevator to Senate House basement and turn right.  The lockers are located along the corridors.

We are still waiting for our signage to be delivered.  For the time being we have temporary signs posted.

We are very happy to receive comments on our new surroundings.  Please let us know how we might improve them further. 


Directions to the IHR: Enter the South Block of Senate House and take either the stairs or lifts to the third floor (to your left opposite the Senate House main reception).  When you reach the third floor the IHR reception is directly in front of you as you exit the lifts.   

The library is directly behind the reception desk.  Please ask our receptionist for further directions if required.

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IHR Relocating: Some thoughts

Matt Phillpott
IHR History SPOT Project Officer

Today will be the last time that I step into my 3rdfloor office in its current form.  Soon I will be in new digs along with the

Crates in a third floor office

rest of the Institute elsewhere in Senate House.  As I look at all the crates filled with IHR materials that currentlysurround me, the empty desks, and the echo of empty halls now that the library books have gone, I can’t help but feel a little sad.  Yes, in two years time we will be returning to a brand new IHR (which is an exciting thought) but there are so many memories of the old (which I suppose it now is) that makes leaving a little difficult. 

Personally, I’ve only worked at the IHR since 2010 but my relationship with the Institute begins some five or six years earlier.  My introduction to the IHR occurred during a research training trip to London as part of my History MA course at the University of Hull.  I clearly remember being led through the sliding glass doors at the Reception and walking up the marble staircase to the third floor.  It was in the corridor behind

The Germany Room

a locked door that we were given a brief introduction to the IHR and VCH (Victoria County History).  The same location where I currently sit, writing this post.  Since then I have made extensive use of the England room and have enjoyed the occasional meal in the common room.  The various seminars and conferences that I have attended have often been made all the better by being surrounded by shelves full of library books.  Somehow it feels right that a seminar should take place in such a location. 

Whilst the Institute has modernised and re-invented itself over the years it has also maintained its core purposes which are also reflected in the rooms and corridors in which it has lived and thrived.  The reference library as a place for silent and serious study; the common room for relaxed discussion; the seminar rooms for presentations and more serious questioning all continue to this day.  The temporary relocation will of course provide a challenge for us to maintain these characteristics that make the IHR what it is.  I believe (and hope) that together we will rise to that challenge and when the IHR returns in two years time it will be even better prepared to carry out its mission.  In the meantime I look forward to getting used to my new digs and rediscovering the IHR all over again. 

Empty shelves outside the England room

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A sneak preview of the Library’s new accommodation

Author: Jennifer Higham (IHR Librarian)

From the beginning of August 2011 the IHR Library will be open in its new temporary home on the 3rd floor of the south block of Senate House.

We thought it would be helpful to use this blog to provide a preview of what to expect after the move.  Currently the space is occupied by the Senate House Library periodicals collection, which is what can be seen in the photographs. There is also a floorplan available.

On exiting the lift on the 3rd floor, readers will come face to face with the new IHR Reception desk, which will be shared between IHR Reception staff and the library staff of the Institute of Classical Studies, which occupies the remainder of the space on this floor.  The IHR Reception will be staffed as currently and will continue to perform its full range of functions.

 One major difference will be fact that the Library, as well as both the Library and administrative staff, will all be located on one floor. The IHR will occupy an inverted U-shaped space based around 3 corridors, with the first 2 sides being library shelving, reader places and computing facilities. On entering through the turnstiles, the photocopiers will be located in a room behind the Reception desk.  Although the Library will consist of a series of rooms, these won’t necessarily be allocated to particular subject collections.  Following on from a large reading room with roller shelving, the next corridor will contain the current issues of periodicals.  The offices of those staff currently working on the ground floor of the IHR, including the Administrator Elaine Walters, will also be located here, as will the IHR Director Professor Miles Taylor.  The Library Staff Office will be at the end of this corridor and will operate on the same basis as currently.

 Because of the need to place books and journals in closed access storage during this time, the Library staff will also be operating a request and fetch service from the office. Further details will be provided in due course.

The Library will continue to be open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 8.45pm, and Saturdays from 9.30am to 5.15pm.

 If you have any queries or feedback, please contact either the Librarian Jennifer Higham /020 7862 8769, or the Library Staff office /020 7862 8760.

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