Who is where in the new IHR?

Being based now in the lower mezzanine, our office gets a regular flow of visitors asking, “Is this the IHR?” It is the IHR, but only part of it.

When you come out of the lifts on the third floor, if you go through the barrier you will find the IHR library (pictured below). Keep going through the library and you will come to some of our colleagues’ offices: the Director, the administrative team, the Development office and, of course, the library office.

Institute of Historical Research, library entrance

To get to the mezzanine you don’t go through the barrier, but turn right and go through the door by the lockers. The mezzanine houses the IHR research centres. On the upper level you can find the Centre for Metropolitan History and the Victoria County History, as well as our postgraduate study area. On the lower mezzanine you’ll find Digital Publications and the Research Training office.

If in doubt you can always ask Beresford or Glen, our ever-helpful reception staff.


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